‘Why do you follow my online yoga classes when there are so many free yoga videos available on YouTube?’ – I have recently asked my few clients. ‘I still feel very connected to others’, they said.  ‘Besides the Sunday morning class is my ‘me’ time and I can spend much time with my family & my family know it’.

Why online yoga classes are such a great alternative to a face-to-face class? As my students review here are some reasons why they practice yoga online.

Connect to the people with group energy

In the first months of lockdown, when physical distancing was very strict, many yogis joined online classes as they needed to feel connected to others, at least energetically and socially. You probably noticed that energy of the group class is very powerful. The experience is different compared to practicing yoga alone. I personally love attending group classes just to feel this special yoga vibes!

In an online class setting you are of course physically alone on your mat in your home. However, you know there are still other people who follow exactly the same class at exactly the same time as you. There is a yoga teacher that talks to you and cares about you. This special energy of connecting makes the practice so powerful and precious.


Online classes are a great solution for people who don’t have so much time and still want to do a full-length yoga class.

There is no time spent on commuting; there is hopefully less rush before and after the class. Even if you are a few minutes late, your late appearance won’t disturb the group. You don’t have to carry your yoga mat and props around as now all studios require to bring own materials for hygiene and safety reasons. Just roll out your mat, switch on your device, maybe warning your family to not disturb you, and you are set to go! When the weather is great, you can follow the class outdoors if you have a terrace or a garden.

Focus on your experience

Sometimes we feel conscious in a group yoga class, especially when we are new to yoga. We might think how we look like in a particular pose, feel conscious about own flexibility, feel watched by others. Sometimes we even compared ourselves to others.

This doesn’t happen when you join online. You can switch your camera off to feel more privacy during the online class. This allows you to focus on yourself and your experience.  You can even decide to take it slower and rest in a child pose whenever you need it. In a physical class we might push ourselves too hard and not listening to our body so well.

Maintain your yoga practice

Another reason to attend a live online class is a commitment you have for yourself and the group to practice yoga.

For some people it is difficult to follow a yoga practice routine on their own unless there is some external commitment. The moment you buy a class pass and you mark it in your agenda, you commit to the practice. When you join the same class weekly, you at least have one hour of ‘class time’ when you can unwind and re-energize.

Chance to join different teacher class & discover more yoga styles

Online classes give a possibility to attend classes from so many yoga teachers! You can try out various yoga styles as well. Who knows, maybe you will discover your favourite yoga style and yoga teacher as well.

Now yogis from all around India and even other countries join my classes. They would have never attended my physical classes otherwise.

Feel safe

A lot of studios have resumed their classes and this with extra safety measures, including wearing masks before arriving on the mat. However, it doesn’t mean that every yogi is mentally ready to go back to the studio, as it is not exactly the same how it was ‘before’. A lot of people are cautious and rightly so! And this would probably stay for a while.

You can join online class from the comfort and safety of your home. It can give you a much-needed peace of mind about own safety, but also safety of your closest circle.

Have you tried an online yoga class already? How did you like it? I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts with me via my social media channels or drop me an email. I would love to connect!

If you have not tried it yet, give online yoga classes a chance. You might love it and won’t go back to a yoga studio ???? I give weekly yoga classes online which you can book online here >>.

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I hope to see you soon in my classes, virtually or physically.