How do yogis cleanse the body in busy Schedule?

How do yogis cleanse the body in busy Schedule?

How do yogis cleanse the body in busy Schedule?

I share three cleaning methods in your busy schedule:-


If you don't know much about yoga, you may not know how to pronounce this sound. It doesn't matter, it's actually very simple. You only need to pronounce the A, U, M three sounds. They are mouth open with “A” for short time, mouth round with “U” for little longer than “A”, mouth closed “M” with your breath capacity. It represents the law of development of all things: creation, maintenance, melting, infinite cycle.

As a cleansing method, what you need to do is not delve into the meaning of this, just feel the vibrations of the sound.

Focus on Vibration of sound!

Your nervousness and stress will be downplayed, your emotions will be How long do you chant? You can chant for 5 minutes, 10 minutes or as your breath capacity.


The home has a grain. Proper not to eat, in fact, is a good way of health, it can help you to empty the body's surplus. Let the body in a state of hunger, but stimulate its potential, especially modern people, many times is too full.

This method of fasting is recommended to try once or twice a month. One day a month without eating, just drinking water, which is suitable for most practices. At first, you may feel uncomfortable and unable to do things, so it is best to choose a rest day instead of a work day.

Keep paying attention to your body, and if you feel that your body is hard to bear, you may wish to drink some honey water. Normally, your body will adapt, but special circumstances will not be ruled out.


Keep your body happy and many of your problems will disappear. But how do you stay happy?

A lot of people think that happiness is only when something happens outside of themselves that they are happy. Yes, this is the most direct expression of pleasure, but essentially pleasure is a feeling, generated from within.

You must have had a pleasant feeling. Try to evoke that feeling. If you forget, the next time you feel good, you remember that feeling, remember it deeply.

Then, make pleasure the object of your meditation. This is an excellent purification tool.