Common Mistakes in Pranayama

Common Mistakes in Pranayama

Common Mistakes in Pranayama

In today’s time, yoga is most prevalent for good health. Pranayama is a part of Yoga. This is a breathing exercise. Its regular practice strengthens the respiratory system and keeps the body energetic. But Pranayama should be done in the right way. Usually some mistakes are made in its practice. Due to these mistakes, one does not get the full benefit of Pranayama. Sometimes it even becomes harmful.

What are the common mistakes made in Pranayama?

This is the subject of the present article.

Mistakes in Pranayama practice.

Pranayama is a beneficial activity. But new yoga-practitioners make some mistakes. Due to these mistakes, one does not get the full benefit of Pranayama. Doing this sometimes becomes harmful. Therefore, the practice of Pranayama should be done carefully.

These mistakes are made by most of the new (Beginners) practitioners: –

1. Selection of wrong location.

2. Sitting in wrong position.

3. Disruption of concentration.

4. Forceful holding of breath.

5. Practice against the weather.

6. Practice in the condition of disease.

7. Practice beyond capacity.

8. Practice done in haste.

Let us understand these in detail.

1. Error in location selection.

One should choose the right place in the practice of Pranayama. Practicing in the wrong place can be harmful. Some things should be kept in mind while choosing the place.

• Polluted environment: – Pranayama practice in polluted environment is harmful. Therefore, do not practice at a place with excessive noise, pollution or foul smell.

• Natural environment best: – Natural environment like park is best for practice. If park is not available, practice in an open and ventilated place.

• Practice by laying mats: – Practice done without laying a seat on the ground is not beneficial. Practice by laying a carpet, mat or yoga mat.

2. Sitting in wrong position.

Pranayama should be practiced sitting in a stable posture. Practitioners often make mistakes while sitting. Sitting in the wrong position can be harmful. So, keep these things in mind while practicing.

• Sit comfortably: – It is best to sit in Padmasana for Pranayama practice. If it is not possible to sit in the position of Padmasana, then sit in Sukhasana or any other comfortable position.

• Keep the spine straight: – It is wrong to sit with the waist bent. Sit with the spine and neck straight. Sitting bent over is harmful. Keep the spine normal straight without tension. Keep the position of the hands according to the Pranayama action. Close your eyes softly.

3. Disruption of concentration.

Concentration should be maintained throughout the practice of Pranayama. Due to the breakdown of concentration, one does not get the right benefits of Pranayama. Therefore, keep these things in mind in practice: –

• Keep the eyes closed: – Eyes should be kept closed in the entire yoga practice. Opening the eyes again and again disturbs the concentration. Don’t close your eyes too tightly, close them softly.

• Focus the attention: – While practicing, focus the attention on the breath or on the body parts.

5. Practicing against the weather.

Practice done against the weather is harmful. Some Pranayama is prohibited in winter and some in summer. Therefore, practice these according to the weather.

Prohibited Pranayama in Autumn: – Some Pranayama are coolness giving. That’s why they should not be practiced in the winter season.

Prohibited Pranayama in summer season: – Some Pranayama give heat to the body. Therefore, they should not be practiced in the summer season.

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6. Practice in the condition of disease.

Exercise done in the state of disease can be harmful. Therefore, one should practice carefully in the condition of disease.

In high blood pressure: – It is wrong to do Pranayama fast in high blood pressure. Such a person should practice at a slow pace.

In breathing disease and heart disease: – For breathing and heart disease, doing difficult Pranayama and kumbhaka can be harmful. Therefore, such persons should not practice without the advice of a doctor.

7. Exercise Over Capacity

Do not make the mistake of practicing beyond your capacity. While doing Pranayama, observe the condition of your body and breath. Practice according to your ability.

Physical ability: – Practice Pranayama according to the ability of your body. Very old and diseased person should not do Pranayama.

Breathing ability: – People with weak breathing should not do Pranayama at a fast pace. Do simple exercises at a slow pace. Do not try to hold the breath (Kumbhaka).

8. Rushed Practice

New practiticenor mostly make this mistake. Practices in a hurry with the desire to do more exercises in less time. It is not proper to do so. Keep these things in mind in practice: –

Practice with a calm mind: – Do Pranayama with a calm mind. If there is paucity of time, practice less. Do not practice in haste. Must do Yogasana before Pranayama.

Practice while resting: – After doing one Pranayama, rest for some time. Normalize breathing. After the breathing becomes normal, do the next pranayama.

Article Summary: –

New yoga-practitioners make some mistakes in the practice of Pranayama. Want to avoid these. You should practice carefully according to your ability.

Disclaimer: –

This article is not for disease treatment. This is only for the information of yoga, if you are looking for treatment please click here YogIntra.